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Clientzone & Wallet @

Clientzone is a place where clients of Seznam are able to look at their statistics, recharge their credit, setup all kinds of notifications and in general be a gateway to the rest of the services. The site itself is a normal flask applications, but it relies on loads of RPC servers in the background...

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Stands for Recipes-Stock-Expiration-Shopping List, or you can call it smart kitchen :) ## Features (planned) ### Smart stock * When you check something off your shopping list, it automatically gets added to your stock * When you cook based on a recipe, the stock is automatically subtracted...

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DJetelina website

I wanted to create a new personal website, as my old one was outdated and focused on WordPress, which is now in the past. The main reason why I finally started was to learn more about a web framework (Flask in this case) and PostgreSQL. Right now, it's just a simple site, with very simple data m...

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