XLeague Python


Terminated :(

About XLeague

XLeague was supposed to be an IRC Inhouse League for Magic The Gathering played on XMage platform. XMage was a working platform, but had a big problem with quality of games, my goal was to improve it, while measuring skill.

When I started working on this project, I didn't know I had what it took. The only thing I ever did before were simple scripts, but with XLeague I needed a database and much more. To my surprise, I had a working prototype within 24 hours.

After couple of weeks I realized how ugly my code was. Not only ugly, it wasn't good. So I decided to rewrite it completely, but with new semester starting I had to put it on hold and when I finally found time, I learned that the XMage platform went through a major improvement - they implemented account system - and there was no need for XLeague to exist anymore, from my point of view at least.

I learned a lot working on XLeague. And looking back at it now, it's a little embarassing. Instead of SQLite, I'd now have Postgre database using SQLAlchemy, instead of running the IRC bot in a web application, they'd both just access the database. I wouldn't use as many globals and much more. Maybe one day, I'll return to it and do it the way it was meant to be :)


Twisted cyclone sqlite irc bot