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About Clientzone & Wallet @

Clientzone is a place where clients of Seznam are able to look at their statistics, recharge their credit, setup all kinds of notifications and in general be a gateway to the rest of the services. The site itself is a normal flask applications, but it relies on loads of RPC servers in the background, which are together classified as wallet. That's where all the magic around orders, user's credit etc. happens. I don't think I can go into too much detail around that, but that's what our team takes care of.

When I started working on this project, I thought I'd do mostly Python, but my first ticket was to write javascript unit tests, then I worked with C++, taken the role of 'the person who most likely could be called DevOps most of the time' - being a team player means you have to help others and be able to do almost everything when it's needed.

I had a say in product development, I designed a system for managing other user's accounts, I am trying to push new technologies like Docker, I am trying to be the voice saying 'Hey, python2 end of life is coming' and I've been fairly succesful at most of that. I am trying to change the company for the better, as everyone always should be. It probably doesn't sound too humble, but I don't think I'm lying either :)

I am still a part of this team and I might forget to update this description, but know that I am! :D


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