About David Jetelina


I was born 31st of July 1992 in a small city called Nový Jičín, Czech Republic. Since my father was a preacher, we moved a lot, so after 2 years in Nový Jičín 6 years in Vsetín we ended up in Prague, Czech Republic. There, I finished elementary school and high school, SPŠST Panská, where I studied Audio and Video technology - technological and organizational focus (nicknamed production).

After Maturita (A levels/SAT), I went to Faculty of Humanities (Charles University). After two months I decided, that I don't want to keep studying now - I wanted to work instead and I had the opportunities. Thanks to my high school and temp job at AWR Studio I had enough experience in video editing to make a living and start working as a freelancer.

Unfortunately, the job wasn't what I always hoped it would be. Some of the work was great, documentaries and other meaningful videos, but most of it was bad. The money was where advertising was. Product placement, teleshopping... I knew I had to get out, because lying to people is not what I'm good at. I despise it.

For two years I was trying to make some money with simple website solutions using WordPress, while trying to battle my illness. I also decided that it was time for me to return back to studying. I got into Faculty of Education (also Charles University) where I started studying IT and English oriented at education. After two semesters, about to be 24, I know I want to quit school again.

So I started a new chapter as a junior programmer at Seznam! For those not living in Czech Republic, Seznam is czech version of Google. After half a year I was promised to be promoted from junior "soon", so my junior career ended after 10 months of real work, I have to admit I'm a bit proud. Wearing big boy pants, I continue to enjoy my time at Seznam. You can read more about the projects I work on here!

Free time

I grew up playing computer games and tending to their communities. I moderated few internet forums, shoutcasted Dota AllStars in years 2009 and 2010 (before eSports became really big) and much more. Besides gaming, I loved immersing myself in different worlds and stories. My profile on trakt.tv confirms just that.

I also fell in love with programming. It was only a matter of time before I did, as it always was all around me. I first wrote my first program in Pascal when I was about 10. After a very long break, I inherited a script for maintaining a sidebar in a gaming subreddit and thanks to little knowledge in Python, I was able to run it, improve it and keep it up to date while learning more and more about Python. Loving it, I learned how to run a simple IRC bot using Twisted framework. At the end of 2015 the real test came. I wanted for something to exist and I couldn't persuade anyone to program it. So I decided to lay down the basic stones in a simple script and then trick someone into writing the 'hard stuff'. To my surprise, after a sleepless night, I had a working prototype in front of me. Since then, I'm watching talks, trying to learn as much as I possibly can. I have never done something as fulfilling as programming. There's always something new to learn. There's a clear logic behind everything. Programming is like a puzzle. and I love solving puzzles.